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Beaver’s Stump
Grinding Svc

In 2003 Hurricane Isabel marked the start of Beaver’s Stump Grinding Svc.

In those 20 years we’ve learned a considerable amount about Stump Grinding.

I invite you to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in this business.

Services We Provide

Elevate Your Landscape to New Heights with our Premium Stump Grinding and Removal Solutions

Commercial Removalpattern

Commercial Removal

Efficient stump removal services for businesses of all sizes. Get rid of stumps hassle-free.

Residential Stumpspattern

Residential Stumps

Professional stump removal solutions for homeowners in Virginia. Enhance your property's appeal.

Specialty Stumpspattern

Specialty Stumps

Advanced equipment for removing stumps of all sizes. Tracked and 4WD machines available.

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DIY Videos

Watch our informative video showcasing our expert stump removal techniques. Learn and DIY.

20+ Years of Experience
in Stump Removal

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While visiting Yosemite National Park some years ago I witnessed the grandeur of the giant redwoods and sequoia trees. The pine cones from those giant redwoods were 18 inches tall. Heads up if you ever visit the area. The sequoia trees have acorn seeds that are so hard they require fire to  enable them to germinate. Nature always has its ways to survive, even from destruction. Some sequoias burn inside for months after being struck by lightning, even then they survive most of the time because only the outside millimeters of the tree is alive. It’s the most recent growth ring of the tree. The rest is merely husk from as much as 2 thousand years of growth. Loggers who tried to harvest these trees a hundred years ago found them to be formidable opponents. Some have diameters of 30 feet at their base, and grow to be 300 ft tall.

Respect the land for the next generations to see.

Why Choose Us ?

Over the years, We at Beaver’s Stump Grinding have refined and streamlined my stump grinding operation. The equipment is kept clean and in good working order. We have a great maintinance program and have even put together a tool kit for each machine allowing us to make adjustments in the field.

We offer two machines to match your stump grinding needs.

The one on tracks has the turbo diesel and weighs 6000lbs.

The other machine is 4wd with less power but is easier on lawns.

Both machines are remote control to allow precision stump grinding.

Both machines are equipped with push blades for clean up assistance.

Both machines use the same cutter teeth which saves on time and logistics.

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Some Stumps take longer than others.

We care about the earth so our children can enjoy it as well.
We do the job just like the stump was in our own yard.
We specialize in one area, stump grinding,  providing your project with our undivided attention.
We bring 20 years of experience, having completed several thousand stumps.

We Have Solutions For Your Stumps.

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What Our Customers
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“Lee and his team at Beaver's were phenomenal! They came out quick and got the job done smoothly. They never left a mess and their prices were the best in town. We will use them again for any more tree services we might have.”

Kimberly Webber

“Lee was fantastic. He was able to get out to my home quickly and had great pricing. I will highly recommend 👌 👍 ”

Leslie Alexander

“I contacted Mr Lee to grind three tree stumps in my yard and was very pleased with his work. Mr. Lee showed up on time and was very professional, and quoted me a fair price. I would recommend beaver’s stump grinding service to anyone in need of tree removal services. Thanks again Mr. Lee for your help.”

Lavez Lewis

“Lee is a pro at stump grinding. He has a very versatile stump grinder that allows him to get into tight spaces without doing damage to the surrounding area.”

howard Beizer

“Very reliable, professional service. Came out to our property the next day after our request. A very reasonable estimate was given and the work was completed that same day. We would highly recommend Beaver's Stump Grinding Service.”

Dorothy Edwards

“Lee came right on time, he was easy to do business with, and most importantly his work was excellent. As a bonus, it was fun to watch his remote operated equipment - he should sell popcorn to watch”

Michael Mayo


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